It All Began with Wonder Woman...

Little did I know, in 1992, how a harmless plastic toy that dispensed candy could suddenly take over my life. There she sat, supervising my work in the dark cave called the multimedia room. She looked lonely, so along came Sylvester. That was better. Two pairs of eyes staring blankly on as I slaved away. Suddenly, what's this? Fozzy Bear (whose voice sounds disturbingly like Boz Skaggs) appeared on the scene. Heavens! We can't have only three! Fozzy must feel like a third wheel. Along comes Dino and what now, what's this? The Beatles???


Life was good for a while. The windowless dungeon, me and the Fab Four. Then, who appeared on the scene? Yoko Ono and Linda McCartney. That was the end of the band.

But only the beginning of an explosion of little plastic friends. They were coming from everywhere: friends, co-workers, people on the street, Israel ...really! I even happened upon one in my parent's basement.

(Who knows what else may lurk down there!)

There are three Batmen, all different. A Santa with eyes and a Santa without. Three trucks, the Star Wars collection, two Power Pez, the Incredible Hulk and a replica of the original headless Pez. Is it an obsession? Perhaps. All I know, as I sit here at my desk, is that along the wall behind me stand 68 dispensers of Pez... or wait! Have more appeared while I wasn't looking?