PEZ Haiku by Mel-C

Broken dispenser
Yet sweet pink candy I have
Agony is mine.

PEZ Haiku by Vaughn Nuest

there is but one,
solution to the world's ills;
pockets full of Pez!

crunchy pastel pill...
springs forth with a dilemma:
savor it, or chew?

pre-formed sugar bliss
single calorie nugget
pop it in your mouth

if Pez grew on trees
June's favorite task would be
shaking the branches.

We would walk for miles,
exhaust ourselves completely,
just to eat some Pez!

When you're feeling blue,
pick a path that's straight and true,
and go get some Pez!

What brings people here?
connected across the miles
why, it's Pez, of course!

Pez exemplifies
that old phrase that great things come  
in small packages.

morning, noon and night
all things go better with Pez
let's go have some now!

The Smithsonian
cannot ever be complete
without displays on Pez

who can really know?
why Pez is so appealing?
it puzzles us still.

be sure to brush well,
after munching the sweet pill,
dentists hate those Pez!

in June's most fond dreams,
she exists on Pez alone
dietary bliss

Pez has fed millions
that American icon
sweet candy sustenance

we have learned the truth,
at the end of the rainbow,
are pots filled with Pez!

pop one in your mouth
it disappears completely
then tickles your tummy

PEZ Haiku by Tice Allison

candied, colored Pez
I take your substance gladly.
Now I must digest.

PEZ Haiku by Ann Marie Michaels

open up my head
there's a yummy treat inside
my brain is candy

June, goddess of Pez
you took the candy away
how will we survive?

June brought us Pez toys
and then she took 'em away
now what will we do?

made of hard plastic
brightly colored Pez people
show us your sweet tongues

I miss Spiderman
Snoopy is so far away
lonely Pez-less cube

sweet fruit-flavored bricks
strawberry, lemon, cherry
lodged deep in your throats

notable faces
their bodies are long boxes
old ones have no feet